Our Program

Play and Learning go hand in hand, and nurture is the seed from which they both bloom.

Miss Karena

An Early Start to Learning

An early start to learning starts at birth as a baby learns responsiveness from caregivers around him/her.  (S)he will gain confidence, security, and comfort when his/her needs are met consistently and appropriately.  As a baby's needs evolve, so do their abilities; staying one step ahead and being ready to accommodate children as they emerge into new stages optimizes their potential in development from birth on.   

With a background of studying in Early Childhood and being a mother of four myself, I am passionate about the development of young children.  Daily routines with various developmentally appropriate activities are an important part of our program.  Included in our daily routines are generous time slots for children to explore and learn on their own through free play; this "free" time is important for the child as it encourages self awareness as well as awareness for the children around them, teaching them how to work together cooperatively.   At age three we start a formal preschool program that prepares the child socially and academically to excel in kindergarten, setting the foundation for learning success.

School-age children always find plenty to do and enjoy many activities during summer break like hikes, trips, arts-n-crafts, outdoor play, skits, show-n-tell, and loads of fun free-play.  We do many projects, Bible stories, and other kid story themed parties and crafts. 

The beauty of children and all their stages of growth are nothing short of the blessing and miracle of God.  At Little Lambs Daycare, I strive to encourage children in God's love and Word through age appropriate songs and activities.  

Parental questions, comments, and suggestions are always a welcome part of our program.  The thing I want most to convey to parents is that I am sincere in my desire to give excellent care to your child as you entrust him or her to me.  I find them all a blessing and appreciate their unique personalities.  Weather you're a parent who's been here a long time, or a parent newly seeking care, I am always open to discussing care issues concerning your child; because what concerns you, concerns me too. 

                                                                                                                         Love Miss Karena :)